Friday, May 8, 2015

The Start of an Adventure

Here we are in the State College airport at the beginning of our trip to Paris.  This is a celebration of Steve's retirement, and we've been planning it for several months.  We have an apartment for two weeks and we plan to eat wonderful French food and live like Parisians.  We both have a passing acquaintance with the French language, enough to order food and ask directions.  We're planning to take it one day at a time.  Tomorrow we plan to go shopping for a hat for Steve, have a light meal, and then go on a Paris Walk that shows us World War II sites.  We like to do a lot of walking outdoors the first day when we'd otherwise want to sleep, which helps with jet-lag.

Just to make the trip more exciting, we had a little "mishap."  We started for the airport when Judy realized that her passport was no longer in the back pocket of her jeans.  Steve pulled over and we searched her backpack to no avail.  She tried retracing her steps and realized that the most likely scenario was that it fell out of her pocket when she used the bathroom just before leaving.  We went back home, and guess where she found it?...floating in the toilet!  Luckily passports are made of a sort of plastic-y paper, so other than being damp, the main damage was to our nerves.  Lesson learned:  don't keep your passport in your back pocket.

We'll keep you posted as the trip unfolds.

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  1. So glad to hear from you. I am so familiar with travel mishaps! That's what makes life interesting ;-) Glad Judy found her passport. Enjoy Paris!